About Us

MFbyForesythe is an ethnic inspired fashion Label, We use African wax to make retro fashion the new future. We started in 2015, We have been working in the fashion industry for five years. we design and produce our own products drawing inspiration from the types of fabric and materials we use, Each product is made on a platform to express the unique nuances of our culture, society and heritage. Our passion reflects in our designs, we pay close attention to details, stitching and seams in the pursuit of creating perfect products every time.

Our collection harmonises fashionable design, sophistication and excitement with quality, richness and care; a combination that gives our customers  complete confidence in their choices and fully addresses their fashion needs.  MFbyForesythe collection cuts across all age and ethnicity and we cater to everyone’s fashion style.

MFbyForesythe the preferred Fashion House.